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Are the dancing bear stripper parties real or fake?



You know, I often get asked if these dancing bear videos are real so I’ll be perfectly honest with you and say its probably a lot more real than you think but things do not always go as planned.  For example some of the parties we go to the ladies are a little bit hesitant to get in on the action and so out of a group of 20 or 30 ladies we might have one or 2 girls who we know that we bring along to kick start the other women into action, plants if you will.

It’s quite amazing that once the ladies see a few of the girls being free and sucking some dick that they think that it’s acceptable for them to join in the fun also and soon enough they are all literally jumping on that cock desperate for the chance to take it in their mouths.  There are definitely no pornstars in this group but after a few drinks no one seems to mind what they do.  So indeed most of the girls you see sucking stripper cock in these videos are very real and have regular day jobs and would bever dream of doing this sort of thing.

It’s what makes it so exciting, taking normally prim and proper girls and giving them the freedom to give into their desire for some random strangers cock.  We see it all the time and in fact the dancing bear has now become so popular that most ladies who turn up know just how it goes and what’s expected.  But really it’s just a matter of having a good time and letting go of your inhibitions and you just never know where that will lead.  For sure some of the ladies getting cum facials would never even let their husbands cum on their face and yet in the company of their friends it seems to ne ok to take a load of some strange male strippers cum directly into their mouths!

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